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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Play Day Today...

there's only so much deep and meaningful a girl can produce... and I'm bidding on watch parts on Ebay. I've been outbid several times on these, possibly even by the lovely Helen Suzanne
She, too, has been bidding, only difference is that she has been successful, and has a lovely piece to show for it, go look! Today, though, I finally managed to win a couple of lots, so I'm a bit more sanguine about the whole thing... Given, though, that I've been up and down between the computer and the upstairs studio, which has to be good for me, but is a bit wearing, I decided to play with the embellisher.

I haven't touched this lovely machine for a while, too busy with various other projects, but this morning, I've begun a journal cover for a challenge on a list I joined recently, which will need some stitch. I then went on to play with some ultrasuede, as you can see from the picture (or you will when Blogger lets me upload it...meanwhile, you'll just have to imagine!). The ultrasuede is upholstery weight, and the needles were noisy as they felted, but it has proved to be an interesting exercise. I added a piece of wool cloth from a package of offcuts I bought in France, some yarn and a three dimensional element, a little nest I'd made earlier (in true Blue Peter fashion!) which happened to be lying on the table. This could also use some stitch, methinks, but I think I'll have some lunch before I go up those stairs yet again!

I talk about playing all the time. Today, though, I've realised that there is a difference between the work I do and the play. Play is for no particular purpose, has no particular meaning, is purely decorative. It might be interesting, it might spark off some work, but it isn't particularly important. Work, though, is serious stuff. It has layers of meaning, some of which I only find much later, some of which are found for me by interested observers. It has a purpose. Play is for fun, but work is for joy.

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Julie said...

Helen's got me going on the watch parts too, but I've picked up a couple in a charity shop! Having seen Helen's beautiful piece I now feel somewhat daunted!
I look forward to seeing what else you do with the ultrasuede piece-I like the textures you've got so far. Your statement about play being fun and work being joy has got me thinking. I always view play as it sounds - fun and rewarding, sometimes challenging. I had not thought of work as being joyful but when you are solving problems and arriving at a solution I can see that then it would be joyful. That must be the ultimate fulfillment to find joy in your work. It's a really emotive word,work, isn't it? I still associate it with the trials of being a civil servant!