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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another Day...

with no painting, but much reflection. A visit to the therapist, along with Flying/Falling, and a conversation about what it means. She didn't want it to leave, but I didn't want to leave it, so I won, and it's propped in the hall. Robin saw it; 'is this the painting in your blog?' he asked (living with me doesn't mean that he actually looks at the work...). Yes, I said. Looks much better in the flesh, he said. Not sure whether to be pleased that he likes it, or annoyed that my photography isn't up to scratch...but then paintings never photograph well, do they?

A visit to my favourite restaurant, Le Cafe Parisien, where M. le Patron knows his wine, and his chocolate, to drop off a babyquilt, and eat, of course. The baby, a beautiful little girl, also dropped in to see us, but had dropped off before she arrived, so didn't hear the compliments. A call from Sally, prizes, surprises and quilts galore, none of them mine (she's at Festival of Quilts). And a visit to a bookshop for the two books that complete the series I'm reading. No work done, but a happy time had.

The image is another Inner Lanscape, Tranquil. Click on it, as always, for a larger version, where you might be able to pick up the texture (another mixed media with hand made paper).


Julie said...

I agree Marion paintings don't photograph well but you can see the textures in this latest painting. it certainly does have an air of tranquility. I like the colours. I've been to the FOQ today too. Very busy and tiring but I enjoyed it even tho I don't quilt.

Into the Blystic said...

Hi Marion
I love this piece! I am a big fan of anything that uses handmade paper... but trying to fit in making it with everything else can be tricky! good luck lol! namaste Elis.