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Friday, August 03, 2007

Inner Landscapes.

Today's painting is a study, a small, A4 sized mixed media on board. It is, I think, the beginning of a series, or the suggestion of a series, called Inner Landscapes, an attempt to show myself my feelings. As you can see, it's complicated in there. Dark and light. Confusing. Not always easy to live with. A blessing and a curse. But it's like they say; what doesn't kill you, makes you strong. All things considered, I'd rather not have the depression, but if I have to have it (and it does seem that way), then I choose to embrace it, to learn what it has to teach me. And that would be the basis of this particular series.


Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Thanks for passing by my blog... the book is "Perfume". Yes skype is fantastic, how did we live without it? Love this series of work -inner landscape - will be following with interest.
Take Care

linda schiffer said...

I think it teaches you that no matter how truly awful everything seems, you should GET UP and MAKE ART, if you cannot do anything else.

:) Linda

June said...


Julie said...

Again the surface of this work is so interesting and I like the colours too. I'll look forward to seeing some more. Just off to see what skype is all about!

Anonymous said...

Oh - I do like this one! Coming to Edinburgh for the Festival??

Bye the noo!