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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I had an hour to kill at the garage as I waited for my brake nipples to be changed (don't ask sounds like some weird ritual...), so I took a book and a sketchbook. I didn't really feel like drawing, but an hour later, I'd made all sorts of interesting things...including this drawing, here. I worked into an existing drawing, which had been made with a black brush pen, using a fine tip black pen and a double ended brown calligraphy pen. As I worked, I realised that I was exploring, looking to see what new things I could find...just like the old explorers looked for treasure, here was I, making my own and new thoughts.

In fact, I like the idea so much, I'm going to explore some more, and perhaps offer a workshop on the subject. While I was in Lyon, I was approached by Studio Patchwork Art Textile about the possibility of teaching for them (they're based in France, near Toulouse). They offer week long residential courses for up to eight people, it sounds idyllic, particularly as the local architecture is said to be stunning, as is the food...sigh... I hope this comes to pass, I can't imagine a better place to teach a workshop on exploring...unless you know better, of course!

I enjoy teaching workshops; in its way, it too is a form of exploring. The students explore and learn, and usually so do I. There is always something new to learn, it's what makes artmaking so special.

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Susie Monday said...

I really like this exploration -- and its obvious that texture and movement are key to your work and expressive energy. There's such a great cohesiveness to the work.