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Monday, August 13, 2007


the shooting stars, but found the camera. I remembered this morning why it was in the bedroom; I'd gone up to photograph a particularly interesting bruise on my leg...yes, there is a good reason, no, I'm not suing.

So, now I have the photos of the work I did on Saturday. The first one shows the screen itself, and part of the resultant print; the second shows a print in its entirety, plus glimpses of another two. I'm having fun with this. I learned to screenprint many years ago, but it's only now that I begin to feel really confident about it. Who knows what will turn up next...I might even make some prints on paper!

What I did discover about this particular technique is that you get a lot of mileage from the thickened dye dried onto the screen. So much so, that I've made another small set of prints, this time using yellow dye, but without cleaning the screen, so that in fact, I have an interesting mottled effect of yellows, greens, browns and reds. That's batching at the moment, outside in the sunshine. I'm going to have an early lunch, get rid of the backache that is the result of printing on a low table (it's a pasting table, not very stable, so I can't raise it on anything), and then either paint or sew...the small red lutradur piece is ready for stitch; indeed, it's under the needle as we speak. It's just that I'm not up there to actually do the stitching. But lunch first, for sure.

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Julie said...

We stayed up to look for the shooting stars and saw about 6 from our back garden. We didn't last much past midnight tho'. Look forward to seeing the lutradur. Screen printing fascinates me as I have never done any and it always seems a bit mysterious. One of these days I shall have to have a proper go.