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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Turned Out Well

I've had squeeze bottles in my box of 'things to make marks with' for years, but somehow, never used them...I have now! They make a lovely, clear mark...must do some more writing on cloth... Must also go through the box of things, and play with the rest of them! And buy a funnel, for pouring dye into them, less messy all round, methinks.

The printing I did has turned out well, though you wouldn't know it from these pictures... But then, I think 'well' is perhaps a misnomer. Well for the purpose I have it in mind for, would be more correct, perhaps. As pieces of whole cloth, I'm not overly taken with these examples. But then, they aren't intended to stay as whole cloth. They will be cut up, used together, with other cloth, stitched into, all sorts of things. And for that, they are ideal.

We fall in love with cloth, sometimes, and talk about being unable to cut it up. For me, that's the clear sign of either a whole cloth piece, with unobtrusive stitching, or quite simply a perfect piece of cloth, that should be allowed to remain exactly as it is. It might never be used in a textile piece, but I suspect it will fuel lots of ideas, if you sit with it long enough. And that is surely a bonus!

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