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Friday, March 10, 2006

One Of Those (Perfect) Days.

Yesterday was busy, but wonderful. I had to get my hair cut (yes, again, already, doesn't time fly...), so planned to potter around Norwich, looking for some yarn for this project, some cloth for that, some lunch with Robin and maybe a visit to a gallery. The gallery visit turned out to be a gem, a visit to The King Of Hearts to see some work by Evelyn Williams, who makes wonderful, luminous paintings of people, many of them portraying self and family, and their relationship. I find her work inspirational, spare, yet full of meaning. And the gallery itself is stunningly beautiful, full of interesting things to look at, and comfortable leather armchairs in which to spend time looking at whatever work happens to be on show at that time. And, browsing through the shop, I found that there is going to be a lute concert, by my hero Nigel North, in the recital room at the gallery. My idea of heaven...I love the lute, play it, badly but enthusiastically, so I bought tickets (Robin is mildly appalled!). And then on to lunch, which was good, and haircutting, which was fine, and the purchasing of canvasses for a new idea (which were half price, so I got extra!). I couldn't have planned a better day. I even managed to get the fibres I wanted, and work out how to make the piece that has been troubling me for days, now.

It's at this point in the writing that authors often write...and then she woke up! But it really was one of those perfect days. We need days like this, all of us, no matter how dedicated we are to making things, working at our art...downtime is as important as worktime. When last did you have a day like this? I hope it was as perfect as mine; and if the answer to that question is, I can't remember, then don't you think it's time to plan one into your life? Do it now!


MargaretR said...

My Chester days are usually like you lovely day out. Just the odd time when I come back disappointed and tired.

Omega said...

Many thanks for the introduction to Evelyn Williams' work. It was fascinating looking at it as I was remembering the work of Ivor Cutler, who died recently. The everyday horror of life which we can casually take on board - even sometimes as a humorous part of the quotidian. Like reading Alasdair Gray.

teri springer said...

Don't you just love it when a plan (or day) comes together?? The lute recital sounds lovely. Wish I were closer!!