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Wednesday, June 20, 2018


things just work out.  That book I showed you yesterday is now complete, though I had thought it would take a while to work out what to do with it.  I sat down to add some more stitch to the single line that was already there.  After  three lines on each side, I wondered if I did indeed want to continue to stitch that area, which was my original intention.  I was stitching in that colour to link the respective areas to the colours of the rust in the middle, 'secret' section.  It didn't seem to be right.  So what would?  This piece is about disintegration, and indirectly, about suicide and death.  What could I put in the four areas demarcated by the stitch, that would suggest disintegration?  Lutradur lace.

And as luck would have it (pure luck, definitely not judgement), I had a piece of lutradur already stitched, ready to be burned out.  For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about... here's the lutradur, complete with stitch.

And here it is after heating it with a heat gun....

Disintegration?  Hell, yes.

And then there's the poem.  Again, wanting to link the poem to the colours of the rust, I used a Posca marker pen in a light brown colour, on the reverse of a yellowish paper bag with grey stripes.  I had originally intended to use the front, but it just didn't seem to work, but the reverse was reasonable.  And I wrote a second poem for the reverse side ;

Consuming itself
through a change of condition;
a natural death.'s what it looks like.

The white blobs have disappeared now; they were wet glue in the lace, which has now dried.  Overall, I'm pleased with the piece, and will make more books using this construction method.

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