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Friday, November 09, 2007

Telling It Like It Is...?

One of the problems of being on a European shopping board like Dawanda is that you do have the chance to write about your work in three or more different languages. Now I trained as a translator, you would think that would be easy... But I don't use my French all that much; same for my German, but much more French is reasonable, but my German is grammatical, but so rusty it squeaks! And as every translator will tell you, technical language is a nightmare. You either know it or you don't. What to do.... Well, for one thing, I've paired up with a German speaker whose English is great but who doesn't do French; I can translate her French listings, she can translate my German listings, and all is well with the world. So far so good, huh?

But that still leaves me with the French technical language. So I thought...I'll just go and have a look on amazon France... and lo and behold! I bought a couple of books, en francais, one on ATCs and one on postal art, which I haven't really tried...sigh... I'm just telling it like it is, here, you understand...I need these books to enhance my vocabulary...!!!

Because I opened a flickr account, I got the chance of ten free Moo cards. They arrived today, and they look *wonderful*, so I think I will go ahead and have some cards of my work printed. And maybe even some more Moo cards! Meanwhile, though, you'll have to put up with looking at the first of my holiday offerings!


verobirdie said...

Marion, maybe I could help you from time to time. I don't know exactly what you are after but I could try to help (though I think my textil language is more developped in English than in French...)

Suzanne said...

Went to your flickr acc, and nice eye candy, and where there is a Will, Marion will find a way.
Couldn't Sandy help in that French bit, just a thought?

Susie Monday said...

I love Moo cards, I have ordered them since they first came out and try to hand out 100 each month. I find that people really like picking out their favorite images.

Anonymous said...

you rattled through your Lutradur explanations in French at Lyon very enthusiastically! I can do the textile techy French bits, but only because we have a French textile group here in Aberdeen - I really admire those of you who blog, let alone in different languages. Thank you for sharing - seeing what other people are capable of really does help to spur us on.
ps that was a HUGE photo of you in the Lyon paper and a lovely article!