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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nervous Artist...

surveys her friend Jill Arnold at her Christmas Open Studio on Friday evening (photographer reflected in the window, to boot!). Note the cheering glass of wine, de rigeur at any opening. Jill's textile work is amazing, incredibly detailed, beautifully made, much of it inspired by Native American culture and beliefs, of which she has made a study. As an ex museum curator, though, there's not much that she doesn't know a bit about...a great person to have a conversation with. The theme of this open house was Christmas, though, and as you can see, the Christmas theme predominated. I bought myself a little piece of hers, a little Christmas tree, which I pretended I was going to give as a gift to Andrew and Sarah...but I think I'll Just Keep It, thank you very much!

Jill also makes jewellery, bags, cards and all sorts of interesting bits and pieces. And she introduced me to the Embellisher, for which I'm very grateful! At the moment she's doing an MA in Textile Culture, but still promises me she'll find time to fit in a joint exhibition in the Summer...something to look forward to!

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