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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Busy, Busy,

much of it online, too. I joined Squidoo yesterday, and had an entertaining time exploring the site and writing 'lenses'. If you are interested in my journey into mixed media, try reading about it here I've also written lenses about blogging and about my etsy shop. It's an interesting variation on a theme, squidoo; I rather like it!

Not that I needed more work to do...sigh. I did, however, take time off on Thursday to have my hair cut. I then went the whole hog and had a makeover by a beauty consultant in one of the department the pic is me in my madeover state! And yes, I did buy the makeup!

Applying makeup is remarkably similar to painting, really, so I'm hoping the skill will come back to me after a fifteen year break. I can't imagine that painting my face with acrylics would be quite the thing for Andrew's wedding next year! Normal service will be resumed in my next post...though I should say that this has done wonders for my confidence, and all artists need both time off and an ego boost every now and again!


Alis said...

Well you look fantastic!
Nothing like a pampering in the hairdressers to make you feel good.

Karen Hall said...

You look lovely - My son(s) are getting married next year - I dont need make up - more like polly filla.
The diet starts after christmas
Hows the "shed?"
warm regards

Shirley Goodwin said...

Well done! you look great.

Rayna said...

Who is this glamourous woman?? Be careful you don't outshine the bride!

Terri said...

If I could wolf-whistle over a blog I would. :o) You look terrific. :o) Hey, I just posted your Christmas card today. (grin) Well you wouldn't expect anything less of me would you? I mean for it to NOT turn up in January (or even February) would just be toooo disconcerting. ;o) Hugs to you both for a wonderful Yule! Blessings to you.