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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Even The Smallest Scrap...

gets used these days. I'm finding ACEOs to be an interesting challenge. Working that small is difficult; simple often just looks unworked, somehow; Starry Night, one of my favourite cards is made from a small piece of hand dyed kitchen roll with a handful of stars sprayed across it. I think it looks wonderful (click on the link to see it). But this new one is much more complicated than that! More hand dyed kitchen roll...upon which is collaged some slips of hand dyed lutradur, over which is applied a piece of hand dyed evolon, some punchinello (sequin waste to the rest of us) and then more evolon, dyed and drawn upon. I thought the larger piece of evolon was wasted when I burnt it; the nylon content in the cloth makes it susceptible to melting when you use transfer dyes on it, if you're not careful. But as we all know, even the greatest mistake has the potential to become a design feature, if we work at it hard enough; and so has it been here, I hope. This piece is called 'More Than Meets The Eye'. After that description, I think you can see how it merits the title!

1 comment:

Doreen Kinkade said...

Beautiful colors!!!! Love all the texture. Doreen K