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Monday, August 07, 2006


on a piece for the exhibit 'Doing Small Things', which is due at the end of the month. The cloth, a piece that has been screenprinted and then discharge dyed, has been hanging around for weeks, waiting for me to do something with it. So today, I basted the layers together and got to work. I had intended not quilting the central portion, so that it would puff up, but it soon became clear that the distortion caused by the stitching round the motif would be too great, so it is now stitched, and things are lying a bit flatter now... There is a lot more stitch to be added, though, so who knows if that state of affairs will continue.

I've been painting today, too, and find myself slowly but surely running out of large canvasses, my last one has now been worked on...which means sending Robin and his car to buy some more...I can't get them into my little car at all. I need a van to take them to exhibitions...sigh.

The Well meets this week, it will be good to see everyone again. I'm doing a lot of research work for the 'umbrella' group, Creating Community, trying to create something that is robust, businesslike and yet still meets the needs of the community it is trying to create and serve. That is proving to be challenging. I find I have to make allowances for myself; I can't work as hard or for as long as I used to do, thanks to the demon depression, so I have to curb my impatience and slow down a bit. I hope the project will be the better for it. Not sure that my temper will be...!

The photo is for Digital Gran, who likes nooks and crannies, she says... this one is clearly 'altered' is in the old city wall in Norwich. I'm intruigued by the man in a helmet effect that seems to have been produced...all the best images seem to be produced by accident!

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MargaretR said...

Marion, I am thrilled with my photo of your nooks and crannies. Thank you so much for such a lovely surprise. It's going to be lovely and I wish I could really see it properly. It does lokk a bit like a man with a helmet. What did you paint today?