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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


has set in...not surprising after three days away and a lot of brainwork... However, it didn't stop me popping next door to wrap some silk around a rusty gate which my neighbour bought to clean up. A little bit of rust dyeing never did anyone any harm...results on the blog when I get them. Now, though, I think it's nap time...again... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz... at least this is better than things used to be, when one day out would mean three days in bed. If three days out equates to one and a half days in bed, then the demon depression is perhaps loosening (rather than losing...) his grip. And that's something to be very grateful for.

The image is a blast from the past...a sample quilt for a workshop on using dyed fabrics, called 'Autumn Rain'. It's interesting to look back, sometimes, and see where you came from. Sometimes, that can be as important as knowing where you're going...if only to be reminded that change is possible, and ongoing, and to be welcomed.

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