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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Losing It...

no, not my mind, for a change... just everything else! I had arranged to meet a friend at Gressenhall for coffee, and the museum at Gressenhall is all of five minutes away in the car. So, ten minutes before I left, I thought, where's my purse? I hunted high and low, and in the midst of it, the phone rang. Could I talk...yes, for a few minutes....and in putting the phone back on the cradle, discovered my purse sitting beside it. Then it was my keys. In the hunt for the purse, the keys had disappeared...sigh...but they turned up in my handbag. Hurrah.

So, off I went. And I was on time, too! Had my coffee and conversation, and stayed on at the museum to take pictures. Strolling back to the car, I started to look for my car keys...yes, you've guessed it...gone! Fortunately, someone had found them and handed them in...whilst Gressenhall is only about a mile and a half from where I live, it started to pour about half way back to the house, so I would have been drenched and unable to get into the house!

I've been to the museum several times since we came to Norfolk, just over two years ago, but this was the first time I remembered to take my camera (lost my keys, but remembered my camera...). So I had fun wandering round the building, taking shots of this and that. The most unprepossessing was perhaps the picture at the very top of the blog. I'm fascinated by nooks, crannies and cracks in the pavement...and this one was, I thought, interesting. I think it got more so when I played about with it in PaintShop Pro. Suddenly, I see all sorts of uses for the lines, and the colours. I've always had a thing about photographing odd stuff, like most artists. For me, it's not what a thing is, it is what it suggests, or represents for me, that is important. I suspect that some interesting work may well come out of will, however, have to get in the queue. I'm always sympathetic when people say they've 'lost their muse', but I really don't get it. The world is full of fascinating shapes, colours and lines. All you have to do is look, and have enough inspiration for ten lifetimes or more. So off you go, look!

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dijanne cevaal said...

HI marion

Yes the muse never really goes missing, though she is hard to find sometimes.She went missing here awhile ago- but she arrived in full regalia yesterday and impatient too and whilst I had set myself up some waiting projects in order to entice her back and tell her I was ready- so now I am full scurry hurry - things tumbling out.( Just as well I have a lot of things to do before Septemeber and when she was gone they weren't happening- now maybe they will...)