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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dozy Days.

I've been quiet, the last few days. Much as I like to pretend that depression takes nothing out of me, when I'm busy, the pretence crumbles, and I have to sleep and sleep. Which is how I account for today, pretty much. Yesterday was spent exhibition sitting, talking to some interesting people, making some extra totem dolls, the day before, some retail therapy with Robin and dinner with friends. Today, though, it's been dozing, dozing all the way. Though I did put the finishing touches to my quilt for 'Small Things', and took the photos, too, must send them on, today is the deadline. I've written a review, too, for the art quilt review list, which will appear at some point soon. But the to do list remains long, and I must get on with it. Sigh. Next week, though, is fairly quiet. I'd like to get some sewing done, maybe even some housework... and lots of peace and quiet.

For those of you curious about my opening attire, the pic shows Heather, Helen and me... I never look good in a photo, and this one is no exception! The second pic shows some of the paintings, a couple of mounted textiles and a view of 'Where', which has featured elsewhere on the blog. In the near corner, there is a partial view of 'Fragment : Graven Idols'.


June Underwood said...

Ummmm, wonderful coat. And while you look very good, the art looks even better (why do you think _I_ do art snort)

I have to snort without the carets because carets signify html.

Sounds to me like you have done a whole lot -- dozing is delicious. Enjoy. June

Carol said...

Aha! A face to a name at last! Love the coat Marion. Your are certainly more photogenic than I am.

After the stresses and strains of the exhibition it's no wonder you need some Zzzzzzzzzz. Rest well.