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Saturday, August 26, 2006


just to correct my mistake, the exhibit ends on the 3 September... you can't get enough of a good thing, I know, but I also know that Helen needs her workshop back!

The opening was a lot of fun, friends brought presents (presents...I love presents), and some totem dolls went to new, and very good, homes. One of them has moved to the house next door, which is lovely, I have visiting rights! Photos when I retrieve my camera, which I abandoned last night (overtired and overexcited is a lethal combination!). Thanks to everyone for the good wishes. And yes, as you might expect, I'm overtired today, so back to bed...I'm sitting with the exhibit tomorrow, and I need to get my voice back!


June Underwood said...

How was the scented bath? snort?

Congrats on the sales and the good vibes all 'round. And you survived, too. Do we get a photo of you in your smashing opening night clothes?


MargaretR said...

All the best with your exhibition. you have obviously had a good start.

Felicity said...

Congrats Marion! It looked lovely from the photos, glad it went well. August has been busy for you, I'm not surprised you're exhausted!

Carol said...

Congratulations on a successful opening to your exhibition, wish I could have got to see it, enjoy your rest you deserve it

Sally said...