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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Rain, Rain...

usually that line is completed 'go away, come again another day', but actually, there has been so little rain recently that it seems appropriate to beg it to Keep Raining! It's cooler today, too, so I'm more comfortable, which always helps.

Perusing my diary, it looks much busier than usual, as I'm visiting both Festival of Quilts and Carrefour this year. So August and September have blocks of time taken out of them, both for attending these shows and recovering, afterwards. I discovered a double booking today, and as I can't be in two places at one time, something will have to give...and it isn't likely to be flying back from France! Oops...Must Get Better At Admin!

Today's image is the structure I made from willow at Saturday's workshop. Just the right weight (if maybe not size) for making mobiles. The willow is bound with bits of straw...a completely natural art form. I enjoy working with natural fibres and found objects. I have a box full of eucalyptus bark from the tree in the front garden, which I feel must be useful for *something* (other than dyeing...). So watch this space...

1 comment:

MargaretR said...

It's surprising how welcome the rain has been. We will soon get tired of it won't we?
It sounds as if you had a really fun workshop. I have never worked wih willow, nor am I likely to, but I do love what you can do with it.