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Tuesday, May 08, 2018

A Little Light Shopping?

I had a visitor, yesterday, my first in this house, not counting family.  I'd like to think she came to see me. you understand, but I think she was really tempted by the fact that there's a new fabric shop in Bo'ness, Fabric And More.  Their website is still under construction, but here's their FB page.  The owner is the lovely Fiona Paterson, a skilled maker in her own right (more about that tomorrow), as well as approachable, friendly and helpful.  Just what you need in a fabric shop.
Those of you who are looking carefully will notice the six Brother sewing machines at the top of the shop.  Yes, there are workshops.  Yes, I'll be running one.  Or three (watch this space for dates and more details),  I like small groups, and this is an ideal space for six learners and wee me, because the layout is flexible; we can have it like this, or in separate work stations.  And for all that I'm a Bernina girl, I do have a Brother machine, and like using them, so I'm pretty happy about that, too.

Yeah, I know, less of a post, more of an advert...I apologise.  I'm a bit over excited.  I really miss teaching, and this gives me the chance to do more of it, more or less on my own doorstep, in a nice space, with cake.  Actually, I might have to provide the cake... but hey, I don't mind that... you so know that all of my workshops feature cake, you can't sew without it!

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