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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Using Up The Leftovers...

is a good housewifely thing to do. And a good quilty thing too, come to that. So when I made some ATCs for a swap using altered text, I wanted to do something with the bits that were too small to make ATCs I cut them into two inch squares and made some brooches. Jewellery is not an area I'm familiar with, though I've been known to make a brooch or two from found objects. This, though, is quite different for me, and I'd be interested to hear what you think. I'm considering adding a tiny bit of embellishment, perhaps...they're made from lutradur on pelmet vilene.

I'm intending to make a series of 'art speak' cards, and these brooches will be part of it. I like the idea of subverting some of the pretentious nonsense that's written about art, and altering it so that it not only sends a different message, but also becomes art itself. Works for me!


Dianne said...

I like the Marion, I ould just put a trim around them, great work as always my dear.
Hugs to you and Robin..

Suzanne said...

Going to town so to speak, esty will be a money maker.

neki desu said...

i like what you're doing here both the object and the concept behind.
funny how there's a whole bunch of us who are de-cluttering and de-stashing.zeitgeist?

neki desu