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Saturday, September 15, 2007


Three of them, to be precise. Firstly, I was poddling around this afternoon when the phone rang. It was an old friend, Greta, whom I hadn't spoken to in several years. (Hi, Greta, if you're reading!). To say I was surprised was an understatement...but it turned out she got my contact details from the lutradur worksheet (which is still available, email me if you'd like a copy, lutradur(at) So we had a happy time catching up on this and that... and will surely stay in touch. We're already muttering about a play day...Scottish bloggers, be warned! And let me know if you're interested; I'm sure we could sort something out...

The second surprise? I'm making new friends, too, thanks to Shirley . She was talking on her blog about the fiberarts/mixed media group, which I joined last night, and had Much Fun in the process. As if I needed another blog, right enough...but hey! If you can't have too many fabrics, surely you can't have too many blogs. Or too many friends for that matter.

And talking of friends... Two kind friends sent me bleach pens recently...just to prove that I've been using them, a piece of cloth nonchalantly draped over the mayhem on my work table which I'm looking forward to stitching.

The third surprise, though, to get back to the original theme of the post, is that I managed to discharge dye my leggings today whilst working on another piece of cloth...oops...!


Purple Missus said...

Here I am, as promised. Love the colours on that piece.
Obviously I got a duff bleach pen, mine just comes out in great big blobs - useless!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Of course you'll be wearing clothing with bleached bits! It's part of the look. I'm enjoying the fiber Arts/Mixed Media group, just drooling over some of the work.

Rayna said...

Ok, Marion - where is the picture of the discharged leggings? They must be lovely, judging by the rest of the work you have posted.