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Saturday, September 29, 2007

I've Been Wandering...

through the archives again...and found this image, a small quilt that I made some time ago. I'm very fond of it. It is called 'Window', and it is part of the Texture of Memory series. The 'window' has 'curtains', a blue one and a pink one, reflecting the key idea of the Texture of Memory work, that our memories are always coloured by our emotions. Depending on how you look at that day, or perhaps which part of it, the part that was happy, or the part that was not, the 'colour' of the memory will change. That's how I think it works, anyway, and the Texture of Memory had a lot of work with sheers included in it. Not all of my work is quite as literal as this is, but you can see from the detail how the pink affects the colour of the 'sun'.

I'll put up another Texture of Memory image tomorrow, let you see what I mean. Meanwhile, there are more images of Window on Etsy.


StegArt said...

I like this piece.

Suzanne said...

this is what I see in their. righty named, Esty you should go, this and from what I've been seeing, Sell! sell! Sell!, I am loving your Muse.

ANDREA said...

Wonderful, this window. It is warm and comforting to me,
thanks for sharing