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Friday, September 14, 2007

It's Been Quiet..., in a manner of speaking. I've had friends from Scotland visiting, and there's been nothing done. Unless, of course, you count laughing, eating, drinking, visiting touristy attractions, more laughing... I'm sure you get the drift. And given that it's Friday today, I don't see myself getting back out of the holiday spirit til Monday. I may blog before then, of course, and I have been up in the paint studio, moving things around, tidying up, but I don't think any work will get done. So, in the meantime, something for you to admire. I asked Robin to make me something that I could use to hang up newly finished work to photograph. He, being an obliging soul, promptly produced this stand. The quilt on it is Nefertiti, which is back from its time at the Quilters' Hall of Fame as part of the 'She Made Her Mark' exhibit. I promised a photo of it, and failed to here she is. See what you think...there was rather a breeze on the day it was taken.


Suzanne said...

Very nice, the Stand and the Quilt,and the photo,perfect, and It sounds like your having a great time, Cheers! for putting a smile on my face.

Julie said...

The stand is great - just the job! I like the quilt too, particularly the marks in the background. Sounds like you've had a great week! Good for you! lol