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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Having Fun...

with little quilts, more in what increasingly looks like a series of 'Let's Have Fun' quiltlets. I'm working on two at the same time, one with a surfing theme, the other with dragonflies. I've no idea quite why this is happening, I've always been Serious before, but I'm really enjoying it. It's as if my inner censor has been sent on holiday, and I get to play with ideas and images that I wouldn't have dreamed of working with before.

The odd postcard is getting done, too, this one isn't titled, isn't particularly fun, but isn't all that serious, either... see what you think.

Incidentally, I went out for a bloodtest today. I'd been quilting, minding my own business, and thought, omigoodness I'm going to be late... conscious that I was wearing my dye clothes, which are black, but covered in paint of various hues, I popped on a pair of teal trousers, thinking to add a black tshirt. Couldn't find tshirt...added a different one...and driving to the doctor's surgery, realised just how violently the tshirt clashed with the trousers...oh well... the style police weren't on duty today!


The Wittering Rainbow said...

I'm sure you livened up the doctor's day! I've never tried these postcard things (though I've heard of them of course) Is the idea that you put a stamp on one and send it through the post? Or if not, what do you do with them? They seem like a nice way to make tiny quick gifts/artwork etc. I bet they'd sell well at shows and exhibitions too.

Julie said...

The quiltlets sound fun - hope you're going to blog them when they're finished. I think we soak up all these images and eventually they come out and surprise us. Enjoy your play! (Hope the blood test went ok).