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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Having Fun.

I talk about it...I even do it, sometimes. But I never make art about it. This is going to change...I feel a new series coming on!!! The first is called 'Lets Have Fun', and is a little wall hanging (10" by 12.5")with a BIG attitude! Yes, that's it in the picture.

How did it come about...well, I was improvising the floor looked a tad messy today. I happened to spot a piece of red fabric with children playing traditional games on it, that I'd been given in a bag of scraps (thanks, Heather!). I took that as the basis, and started improvising around it...and out came the words, 'let's have fun' and the nursery rhyme 'boys and girls come out to play'. And there it was, finished, though I did have to move Molliecat (a very unhappy Molliecat) from the chair in front of the free motion machine to do it. She'll cheer up in a minute, I'll put her dinner out...but for the meantime, I'm just going to giggle at this wee piece.

I have a strong sense of humour...I think it even comes out in my posts, now and again. But I've never actually applied it to visual art before. But believe me, I'm going to do it again!! Meanwhile, I'll pop this onto Etsy, just for fun!


Julie said...

This is great fun, Marion. Made me smile too.

Sheila B, Dalgety Bay said...

Like this one! Funnily enough, at the Curves gym today we had just decided to put up a flipchart sheet to collect the names of all the street games we used to play when we were wee before they vanished from living memory- I'd forgotten about this one - remember "Cross the Golden River"??

Feather on a Wire said...

Love it, and good for your soul to make it.

Dianne said...

This is great, I know working on these fun pieces will make you happy. I'll have to try it..
Thanks great idea..