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Friday, February 24, 2006

What Was Lost...

has now been found (it was on top of the bookshelves in my cloth studio. Yes, of course it was...). As you can see, it's the piece that I made in response to four words selected at random, blue, sky, window and spiral. Only now, I think it is actually finished. Or, at least, I don't intend doing any more to it. Which is probably closer to the truth. I don't think any work of art is ever finished. Or at least, none of mine seem to be. I just reach a point in the dialogue where I don't want to add anything else, and there's nothing else to take away, either. So, I stop. Anyway, I've uploaded both images, the earlier one and the new one, so that you can see the progression. All comments welcome (as always).

I almost stopped trying to think up a piece for a new local show, being held at Glemham Hall, in Suffolk. The theme is Spring. Now, that conjures up snowdrops, daffodils, lambs, a thousand cliches, but nothing that seemed to suit me. So, there I was this afternoon, thinking, a nap would be a good thing, horizontal, in bed...and suddenly, I knew what to make. So I lay there some more thinking, a nap really would be A Good Thing...but no, the idea persisted. So, now I have the beginnings of a piece called 'The First Day of Spring'. It is an abstractish landscape, made mainly in wools, and I'm really pleased with it. Hurrah. You never know what you can do, til you try, do you?

And finally, thank you for the supportive responses to yesterday's blog. I've had a few people contact me who are interested in actually being a part of this little project, so who knows, we may get it off the ground yet. I'll keep you posted. Or should that be blogged?


Lynn said...

"Blue, Sky, Window, Spiral" looks finished to me. But of course, it's how it looks to you that matters.

Karoda said...

I love that idea of creating a piece based on words randomly selected. I've done this with creating poems and its often interesting to do...will give this a try.

arashi said...

I think this is aa wonderful piece and I find the method of its birth equally intriguing. A wonderul idea for th zine, and I'm rallyh hoping that the Textile Assoiation gets off the ground. You have great leaership sills Marion and I'm sure you cn d Could I use this idea o the words in the zine for a challenge. The idea of Poetry in CDloth is really super 8intriguing.

Digitalgran said...

I can see you also love spirals. It's a lovely piece and it is important to know when something is finished. I had an enjoyable time just now browsing your blog.

smarcoux said...

I love the colours of this piece ... simply fantastic... oh yes my sister was very excited to have you comment on her blog .. heheh I told her you even put her in your sidebar .. now she has to keep hers really exciting .
talk to you soon