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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Flying Dreams

Apparently, we all have them...flying dreams. Freud said they were about sex (well, he would). Personally, I've never had one, or at least, never remembered that I have. But as I worked on the cloth, dyeing and painting it, adding net, stitch and structure to it, I realised that this was the kind of flying dream I'd love to have.

Since then, I've made a number of Flying Dreams quilts. One of them hangs in Thelma's spare room, a gift for a special occasion. Others still live here with me, one unfinished, and at least one more in my head. I like working in series, and this one shows no signs of ending.

I love flying, though I rarely get the chance to do so, the occasional domestic flight back to Scotland, and that's about it. But I can work on these pieces whenever I choose...and a girl can dream...


jenclair said...

I love the swirls and shades of green and would love to feel the texture.

My flying dreams are often of dancing and making Barishnikov leaps that go on and on. But the green flying dream seems incorporeal - flying imagination.

Marion said...

Flying Dreams will come true one of these days but if you fly over Australia it wont be so green - did you dye the background and if so how did you get the varied colours - drop on or clamp or what? Could you put sizes on your art works please? I like to know how big things are. Marion

Andrew said...

Like that one!!
PS I can see my house from hereeeeeeeeee..... (sorry - couldn't resist!!) :)

Sonji Hunt said...

I adore all shades of green. When I first looked at this piece before reading any of the text, I felt the rhythmic cradling fall of leaves in the wind, like after a heady summer storm here in Wisconsin. I could smell the rain and the wind. Really lovely.

What size is it?

Caitlin said...

Yum, what beautiful greens! I have flying dreams often but panic about getting up high enough away from the elctrical wires at first. Will you show us some of your other flying dreams quilts please?