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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Museless in Norfolk

I've been writing an article on spirituality and art for a new 'zine that will be appearing soon. I found myself comparing two of my paintings, one of which was made specifically to help me to understand a particular issue, one that wasn't. And yet, the same theme appears in both of them, just expressed in different ways. Or so it appears to me, anyway.

I'm a great believer in trusting the process. Much of what I do in preparation for a painting or a textile piece isn't conscious. I draw a bit, I look a bit, I think a bit, all, apparently, on different themes. And then, eventually, maybe months or even years later, all those tiny bits of preparation come together in a piece. I think that's why I no longer worry about inspiration, or the muses...for me, there are no muses. There's just the work, and a lot of questions, the kind of questions we ask ourselves from the moment we are born. Who am I, where is this, and why am I here? How do I make sense of this?

The answer to the last one, is easy. I make art. As for the rest, well, trust the process. Ask the questions. See what comes to mind...or hand...or brush... Make the work, and all will be well.

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