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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I've been having what I usually refer to as a 'bad day'. Because I haven't been well, because I've overstretched myself over the past few weeks, I'm wobbly and weepy and, surprise, surprise, tired. When I feel like that, I don't usually want to do anything. But I have been following a course of computerised therapy, which, surprisingly, seems to be working, even if it does have a condescending voice and a nasty habit of commiserating with me (to which I say rude things...I know a computer can't feel anything, much less commiserate, I'm depressed, dammit, not stupid). The computer says (aaaaaargh, see, it's got me saying that....) that even when you don't feel like doing things, it's A Good Idea to do them anyway. So, rather than sit in bed all day, and I admit, I was tempted, even though Sally woke me earlier than intended this morning by phoning me up and being cheerful(ish),I decided to play with my encaustics.

I like working with encaustics. I produced three or so pieces, one of which, Elemental 1, is pictured here. The one I like best is only just finished and therefore not photographed. It's wild, semistructured and, I think (I hope) exciting. There's an assumption that if you're depressed, you must make stuff that's depressing...or at least, dark. Phooey. I have made art 'about' depression, but mostly, I make art for the joy of it. I have other fish to fry. I may be depressed, but there's no real reason to let it take over my life. Or my art, for that matter. So, it may have felt like a bad day, and maybe it was, but it was a productive one, and I had fun despite myself. Amazing, what you can do when you try.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Ooooh, I like this, looking forward to seeing the other one.

Unknown said...

I love the colours in this piece, glad you were able to create something positive from a bad day

jenclair said...

Many creative people suffer from depression; art therapy is always useful. For me, the process is often preventative, but once in the "bad day" I'm numb.

Sally's cat, however, would be a "warding" icon that dispelled the feelings before they took hold. Love it!

Debra said...

Gee, if you can produce this when you're having a bad day... I can't imagine what a good day will show!

Lynn said...

This is a lovely piece. You are a good role model for all of us, Marion. I am appreciative of the fact that you keep creating your art that is so uniquely yours; writing these blogs that are so honest, informative, and often funny; and keeping us all interested in learning about and trying out all sorts of techniques as well as looking forward to seeing what you'll come up with next.

You've got me curious about encaustics. I know nothing about them. Can you fill me in or point me in the right direction to learn more?

Digitalgran said...

I love your encaustics piece. Are we allowed to see the other one when it's finished?
I took out my encaustic 'stuff' for the first time recently but haven't done anything since. You have made me want another go.

artmixter said...

For encaustic fans, like Lynn and Margaret,not only will I post the other one tomorrow, I'll talk about encaustics in general.