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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Yes, another one.

Monoprint, that is.  There are, as always, two of them...

I'm working with the ghost print. I was planning to have them in this orientation, and I was struck by the interesting variations in colour on the ghost.  That would be because I tend to work layer on layer on the glass plate I use, so as the thicker layer is removed, the remains of whatever was on there before tends to come through.  It's lazy, perhaps, but also serendipitous. 

I looked for threads that would pick up all those variations in colour, and got started.  The circular motif has been stitched in a spiral.

It made me think of fossils, of which we have a small collection.  And it struck me that that circular motif looked as if it was embedded in the lower section, which gave the piece its name.  By this time, I'd trimmed the piece down quite a bit, to get rid of the excess white, and the blob of colour at the bottom, which was a distraction.  And I stitched some more.  And then I thought, that white... it doesn't look right... and the orientation's not right, either.  So this is what I ended up with.

The grey at the top is a mixture of black, white and silver, though, given it's watered down, you don't notice the metallic element of the paint.  I had intended leaving the grey area unstitched, but it didn't seem right, unbalanced, given the amount of stitch in the lower two thirds of the piece.  And that seemed to solve another issue : I had felt that the circular motif didn't have enough stitch in it, but couldn't really see how to fix that.  Miraculously, adding stitch to the grey resolved the balance enough for me to feel better about it. 

So...Embedded it is.  I'm planning to machine stitch it's 'twin', so watch this space ...

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