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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Real Life...

is now back in force...therapy today, more tomorrow, must be real life!! In many ways, it's a privilege to have regular opportunities to talk about your life and your feelings with someone who listens, comments and asks good questions. It helps. Drawing also helps. And lots of other things. No work done today, just a bit of reading, a Su Doku puzzle and a lot of thinking. Tonight's tea is cooking on the hob, the cats have been fed and I'm going to Norwich tomorrow to spend the Borders token that I was given for my birthday. With a bit of luck, Robin will take me to lunch, too... and all will be well with the world.

The photograph is of a wall at Oxburgh; I was struck by the patterning of the plant on the brickwork, and by the obviously filled in part that differs quite dramatically from its surrounding bricks. Wonder what the story there is... I'm also struck by the patterning left on next door's garage, now that Mike has cleared back the shrubbery and cut away the ivy. Must take a picture of that, too; it's definitely food for thought...


Shirley Goodwin said...

We all need someone to listen to us - such a small thing, but often hard to get. I always invite my friends to let off steam to me, as sometimes I need to to do it to them. Whoever said " A trouble shared..." was on the right track.

Lovely photos too!

margaret said...

That wall at Oxburgh has an exact twin at Rousham - and I have a photo of it ... somewhere .... The layers of tinted limewash over brick, and the buds and new leaves - lovely!

Dianne said...

I love the wall over there, this is a great pic..
Sandy said she had a wonderful time in Scotland and she had pics I hope she post them or sends them to me at least..
I hope all is right in your world
BIG hugs from me to you sweet Lady..