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Friday, May 25, 2007


Ouch, ouch, ouch. Yes, said the dentist, I think root canal work is in order here... my poor front tooth (okay, one of them...). So I'm doped up to the eyeballs, penicillin and painkillers, looking forward to being able to bite into something soon without wincing, weeping or whingeing. And the dentist visit today did let me sew on the first of the sleeves for the Lyon quilts. I hate sleeves almost as much as I hate binding...sigh...

I thought I'd say that the Lutradur worksheet I cowrote with Dijanne Cevaal is still available; however, for me to send it to you, I do have to have your email address. If you reply with your Blogger identity, often there isn't a return email address, so if you're waiting for a copy, please contact me, in case that is the problem (

Isn't she wonderful? Spotted reclining in the garden at Oxburgh. Sadly, she was the wrong side of the moat, so I couldn't get up close and personal with her, but even at that distance, she's lovely.


Carol said...

Ouch indeed, hope you are on the mend, love the reclining lady

Sue B said...

What a great sculpture that is!