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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Few Things...

are more annoying to a dyer than discovering that the cloth she bought in good faith as cotton poplin, is in fact a poly blend. It looked like poplin. It felt like poplin. It was marked as poplin. It wasn't. Grrrrrrrrr. Note the pastels ahanging on the line. Still, I had intended using it for backings, so I dare say it'll not kill me to have pretty pastels on the back of my work. And I did use another cloth, which did produce that lovely blue. And, fortunately, this is not the cloth I bought a bolt of. Come to think of it, I didn't use that yesterday, and I should have. Must Test...but later, when I'm not dressed in Good Clothes. Between painting and dyeing, I don't have that many Good Clothes left...sigh.

Bessie the Boiler was pressed into service yesterday, and she performed magnificently; hot water on tap in the tiny area I dye in...dyeing on a sixpence, you could say. She holds more than enough water for a day's dyeing, though if I was production dyeing, she would need to be filled twice, I think. But a nice day's personal use stuff was fine. Yippee!!

Now to iron the cloth, and see what goes with what...hopefully the sixth of the ten quilts for Lyon will be finished today. All I have to do now is Wait For Batting... and, of course, pop over to Barcelona at the weekend with Sandy and Dijanne, and then to Edinburgh later in the month... My, ain't I busy...but it should all be fun, and I can always take the quilts and sleeves with me to edinburgh to finish off...I hate sleeves...grr...

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Papoosue said...

Isn't there something lovely about seeing all those dyed pieces hung out and drying on the line! Gorgeous.