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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


at hideous expense, the Lyon quilts. I feel...relieved. Lets hope they get there safely. I spent most of the day hunting for a book that I needed to send to Sarah, and which I'd put away safely. Yes, we all know what that means. But I did find it eventually, and it is on its way to Edinburgh.

Other than that, there's not much going on. I did domestic stuff, like washing (sigh) and the like...and am about to Iron. I dislike ironing until I get going, and then I remember that it's actually quite mindless, and therefore therapeutic.

Have a bit of eye candy on Margaret Cooter, I was fascinated by Barcelona's eclectic collections of grafitti. This one was spotted behind the market. I'd love to work at that size...sigh...


Valeri said...

Great piece of graffiti. What amazes me with some of the graffiti I see is where it is! High up on a wall or under the arch of a bridge. How do they get there to do it?

Shirley Goodwin said...

I SO want to go to Barcelona! What classy graffiti!

Elma said...

Hi Marion,
This is Elma from BQL!
Just found your blog while searching "Lutrador" on Google!
I would love to have the fact sheet, Do you send to the yahoo email address?

Dianne said...

They di have some awsome graffiti, I'm sorry I didn't take any pics.
Here they just paint over it when it looked better with the graffiti.
Guess not everyone likes it..