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Sunday, May 13, 2007


comes in all shapes and sizes; in this case, the natural world provides shape, colour and texture to make me wonder and imagine...and, of course, draw. Short breaks are wonderful, but they don't allow you time to sit and stare, or sit and draw. Or just sit...though my feet required regular breaks. The rest of me was happy to walk and walk.

We get accustomed to the plants that surround us daily in our own habitat. I found the palm trees fascinating, their shapes, sizes and textures...not to mention the flashes of flying green parrot that could be spotted in and around the branches (or are they bracts? I'm not a gardener...). Palm trees seem vital, somehow, reaching strong and tall to the sun. I find myself pondering personal totems, and somehow feel that the palm could well be one such.

1 comment:

neki desu said...

gosh!!drats!! damn!!
missed you! as you can see i don't check my web page mail very often.
i am really sorry bcse i would have loved to meet you.i blog almost every day so you can leave me a msg there and from then on we'll keep contact.
so sorry again

neki desu