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Monday, March 26, 2007

It Must Be Spring When...

Advo, the old cat, runs around in circles in the garden, chasing his tail (and any other cat within chasing distance), there are tadpoles in the pond, I can dry the washing on the line outside and leave the front windows open... It's also Spring when I wake up to bright sunshine and a sense of wellbeing that doesn't melt as soon as I get out of bed. So lets hope that all of the above are here to stay...except the tadpoles...they have to become Frogs. How else can we be guaranteed the occasional handsome prince?

I'm in the process of getting my life back in some semblance of order. I'll start with the grovelling apology. I have several little envelopes with work in them, ready to go out...and only a few addresses...blame the change in computer, please, not my incompetence. Rather than list everyone here, if you asked me for a small piece of work when it was offered, could you please email me privately with your details, so I can get them out this week, and stop feeling hugely guilty about the whole thing. I thank you.

I've been playing with some velvet; this piece, Prayer, is handdyed velvet overlayed with painted Bondaweb (fusible), stitched and painted with coloured gutta. I'm getting back to work on the lutradur book, and I'm going to dye some cloth to take with me to Lyon. I'm staying reasonably quiet, you understand, keeping myself to myself, staying in a lot...and am beginning to feel the better of it all, even the therapy. I am in a process of becoming, just like a chrysalis eventually opens to allow a butterfly to emerge. Lets hope I can be as bright as the yellow butterfly I saw today.


Dianne said...

Oh Marion I really like this up close it is just all movement..
Just take care of yourself and we will see the metamorphsis in no time.. Hey you don't have to apoligize I know other understand when life gets in our way of our creating and we all go through this my dear..
Big hugs to you and our lovely man in the kilt:):)_

sion said...

glad to see you're finding your feet/way/wings, marion.