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Monday, March 19, 2007

Frothing At The Mouth?

I should be. Not only have I a new operating system, I'm now the proud (?!?) owner of a network of pcs. It took Robin all day yesterday and a lot of swearing before we could get anything much to happen...sigh. Robin's usually really good at That Sort Of Stuff, but it was not the instant success that we'd hoped it would be. Oh well. Somewhere around 2pm, I went off and pieced a top; something had to give, and it was always likely to be my temper, so I figured the best place for me was up in the studio at the top of the house.

Today, I had a visitor, Moira from next door came to play with some of my toys. She discovered something that every quilter knows; there is a wealth of exciting stuff on the floor, all you have to do is scoop it up! She asked if I'd introduce her to my textile friends, and she'd go round all their floors picking up the odd bead, sequin, scrap and leftover thread. Then she paused and said, they'd think she was strange. No, I said, but they wouldn't be too keen...they use the stuff on the floor, just like you did!

No photos today...I'm still getting my head round this computer, and I hate to think what it'll make of my camera software. And yes, I WILL get rid of's Orrible...GRRRRR. Fortunately, the change of computers was Not My Idea...

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Anne Wigfull said...

I shouldn't laugh, but....
I eventually had to pay someone to sort out the wireless network system. My only problem is that I keep forgetting that to get the two to 'talk', they both need to be switched on :}}