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Monday, January 01, 2007

Nefertiti Changes Her Mind

Like all strong minded women, Nefertiti has decided that she doesn't want to share the top billing with Other Royalty... Make A Series, she declared, this morning. Talk about Invisible Women. Just leave me as I am, show me as I might have been. When I looked her up, I discovered that the name 'Nefertiti' means 'the beautiful (or perfect) one has come'. And that Nefertiti is one of the images of beauty that we hold in our minds when we consider such things.

Ironic, really. Given that we don't really know what she looked like... given that we're not sure of all sorts of things about her... Still. What do we know, really, about anyone? About ourselves, even? So I make a quilt about the mystery of beauty that is Nefertiti, and strengthen, and challenge, the beliefs that surround her.

Oh, did I say, it is finished? Well, it is. Not entirely sure what I'm going back to, but I'm going back to something...maybe a painting or two...maybe not. Though, come to think of it, the soldering iron is ready to use...must go and use it on some stitched lutradur. Robin wouldn't be too pleased if I set the house alight by forgetting it! And there are always new totem dolls to make. And maybe today, as the first day of January, is the best time to sort out my muddled mind, and plan out the year ahead. There's a lot to do; too much, perhaps. I suspect some pruning of plans is in order. But I'll keep blogging; the first full year is complete. I've written less than I'd hoped, but learned lots about writing in the process. Thank you to those of you who share my (almost) daily's good to know you are out there.


Dianne said...

Well thank you for sharing your art and humour. You know women can change their minds so it goes, I love the virew of your back yard brings back great memories, your totem dolls look great on the window sill..

Anna Nowicki said...

I'd like to see Nefertiti - are we going to have a pic of the completed piece? I posted my version of Nefertiti - the Stay on my website and blog so I think you should share too!!

Anna Nowicki said...

PS - forgot to say the ladies in the window look great too - please describe them.

suzanne said...

Great window sill, there is no stopping you we can see that. Hope to see a peek of Nefertiti.

MargaretR said...

I have enjoyed your blog over the last year Marion,
I love those lovely figures and look forward to seeing Nefertiti. I'm always going to make some, but never seem to get around to it. You inspire me to try once more.