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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What's Next?

Apart from a week's rest and the monthly Well meeting, you mean? Carrefour, that's what. I was invited to add a piece to the European Edition of 'Changing The World One Thread At A Time', curated by Thelma Smith. So I will be showing 'Eight Blue Dots And A Circle', yes, the postcard piece... which has turned out to be much stronger than the sum of the parts, true synergy. And, since the piece is travelling, I thought I would, too. I'm likely to be found lurking in the area of the Changing exhibit, translating a bit, talking to Thelma and Dijanne Cevaal, who also has a piece in the show, and generally Having A Good Time. That may include hand stitching the rust dyed piece I showed in the last blog... I'm not taking my sewing machine, that just feels like a piece of luggage too far, and the silk seems to invite hand stitching. Meanwhile, back to the week's rest...zzzzzzz....

1 comment:

MargaretR said...

Congratulations Marion, I am so pleased for you. Well deserved. I can't wait to see what you do with that rust piece!