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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pretty Parcel...

arrived in the mail while I was away in France. Unwrapped, it turned out to be a gift from my friend Annie Copeland. She had spotted my totem dolls, and thought that the doll she made would look good with sent it to me. Wasn't that kind? I've been buying all sorts of interesting yarns to use as doll hair, but none as effective as the seed pods Annie used on her doll. Her arms are a lot longer than they are in the picture, but otherwise, what you see is what there is...and she seems to be fitting in just fine!


Dianne said...

Oww she is lovely I love he hair too, what a lovely surprise to come home to.. I hope you had a good time with Sandy and Dijanne..

suzanne said...

Yes nice suprise, beautifully done, the pods are a great idea.