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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I Got Rhythm...

and it's a wonderful thing. I worked on two pieces today, both made with lutradur. Both only require their edges finishing off, and then it's on with the next pieces in the 'queue'. The piece pictured above is called 'Echo', and is made from lutradur on top of a hand dyepainted piece of linen.

Of course, I'm not really meant to be doing this...I'm meant to be continuing to clear up the house in preparation for visitors in early October (ie next week!!). But this is so much fun, and I've not been able to do any textile work for perhaps the tidying up will wait til the weekend, and Robin can give me a hand... Well, a girl can dream...

1 comment:

vickyth said...

I'm not able to see the picture, unfortunately.

As for the housework - it's always nicer when there are two to share anyway. Makes it go more than twice as fast and definitely more that twice as pleasantly!