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Saturday, July 15, 2006

What's In A Name?

We had the second formal meeting of the group for artists with mental health issues yesterday. I found myself at an AGM, giving a talk about 'the group with no name'... but it went well, anyway, and we have had offers of help and support within the wider East Anglian artists community, which is very encouraging. And we now have a name...The Well. As you can see, it suggests all sorts of things...a resource, a state of name but two. We hope we will be all of those things as time moves on. We also have a constitution, which means we can go about doing the things organisations a bank account, raise funds, look for name but three. We also managed to start work on a we'll soon have A Cunning Plan for the next eighteen months or so. Something to look forward to!

It was a good meeting, very productive, but I suspect that, like me, everyone's tired today. So I'm going to have a nice, lazy day, reading the Times and all its supplements (well, ok, maybe not the business pages!), waiting for my brushes to be delivered (bought from ebay in a moment of enthusiasm, delivered yesterday, of course, when I was out). And, if I scrape up the energy, the rinsing and washing of the fabric that has been painted or dyed this week. Even the ironing! I'm considering buying a press, mainly to help me work with transfer dyes. I admit it openly, I'd rather have an etching press, but I have neither the room nor the cash for that, sadly. I could just squeeze a press for ironing into my workroom. Anyone got one that they can tell me about? All advice gratefully received, as always.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Well, I have 2 presses, but that's not much help to you, Marion. Actually, I much prefer to use the iron for my fabric. I am happy to iron fabric but not clothes of course.

I like the sound of a Cunning Plan!

I have the email problem sorted - to do with the passwords on the account. I got the 343 emails on BOTH computers - what a pain.

Dianne said...

Hello Marion.
I love the name of the group, its perfect The Well!!!
I Know you'll all do great things,
You know special Wells have magical powers.. I'll be watching to see all the creations coming out of the Well. Best of luck..

Anonymous said...

Marion, I have a perfect 1952 mangle. Also known as a roller ironer. Now we just have to figure out how to get it across the ocean without going completely broke. LOL thelma