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Sunday, July 02, 2006


QFATT is no more. I looked at the picture on the blog and thought, no. But rather than cut it up, I cut it down (as it were). Judicious editing is as important in art as it is in writing, it would appear. And now the piece is known as Red Flight. It may not be the best thing I've ever done, but it certainly has had some time and effort put into it!

It is even hotter today than yesterday, as I struggle to get a decent photograph of Eight Blue Dots And A Circle. For some reason, I can't get anything to work as I want it to...the camera, the computer, the software. And I can't find the manual for my camera, so have ordered another this picture, required for a catalogue, may be later than I thought...the curator will probably never speak to me again... Sigh. If it were cooler, I might be able to think straight. Today, I have a sneaking sympathy, nay, more than sneaking, for the trolls (I think it is...) in Terry Pratchett's books, who are slow and thick at normal temperatures, but in the cold, their brains suddenly wake up and they think clearly... Not that I'm about to lock myself in the deep freeze (it's not big enough, for a start!), but I could do with cooling down.

And the work seems to have ground to a halt. Or maybe it's just me. I was reminded on Friday that when push comes to shove, I'm still that small, pathetic depressive, and it doesn't take much to shove me over the edge. On Friday, it was a parking machine that refused to take my parking ticket and let me pay... repeatedly... on with the shaking, the tearfulness and the Works, really. All it took to fix it, of course, was a conversation with A Human...albeit one who seemed to think that it was All My Fault that the ticket was smudged... but emotional overreactions are exhausting, and, for the most part, out of my control. So now, I find myself doubting everything, the direction the work is taking, its quality, my abilities... But not all the time! At present, I'd settle for a decent photo of blue dots... and a long, cool drink. And tomorrow is another day.


Shirley Goodwin said...

I like the new revised version and yes, it IS the trolls in Terry Pratchett's books who revive in the cold. Don't worry, there are days when everyone is reduced to tears of frustration over some simple thing. C'est la vie!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Yes, the "editing" definitely made a difference. Couldn't see where it was going before, now the new name seems obvious.

Time to put this one to rest, me thinks!

Nic Bridges said...

Editing was a good choice. Moving on with your life will make you feel even better.

Lynn said...

First of all, the revived "Turtles" piece turned out great. I love it and must confess I never "got" any of the previous incarnations. Well done, you!

Second, I can sympathise with what happened to you the other day. Having lived in extremely hot and sultry climates most of my life, I can tell you that any short fuse will get not just shorter but more quickly frayed. Sorry about your meltdown.

P.S. Remember when we celebrated your birthday at Let's Eat a few years ago? It's now under new management and the reports I've gotten weren't very good. But the old owner/chef has opened a fish market in Crieff. Best of both worlds, he not only buys the best fish but will tell you how to prepare it in a most stunning fashion.

Carol said...

I love your new version Marion. I have days like you have just had - tears of frustration with the RR fabric to name one - and that was just my peice.

I enjoy reading your blog.