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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Downwardly Mobile?

I had forgotten just how important it is to me as a person to paint. I've been avoiding the paint studio, partly because of the heat, partly because I'm in the middle of working out a series, and it's never simple, or swift. Yesterday, though, I spent most of the day working on paintings, and whilst they still might not be right, or finished, they are making much more sense to me. And therefore I am making much more sense to myself. I feel balanced, the first time in a while that I have felt that way.

The painting above is called Straight Talking, part of the In More Than One Language series. It is proving to be a challenging concept for me to work with, as I've said before. Layer upon layer, and waiting between them til the paint is dry enough to add more to. I've got a tendency to work alla prima, putting everything down in one fell swoop. This is more like a series of swoops on one canvas. I'm sure it's probably good for me. And while I was painting, I did fix the scratched painting. So you won't be bored by me referring to it least until it is framed and I've got a photo of it!

Today, though, I've put the oil paints aside and brought out the acrylics, intending to make books. Doubtless I shall do so, this evening, but I've spent most of the day making dolls, instead. How easy it is to be sidetracked when you do lots of different things. Partly, I'm sure, I made some dolls to celebrate joining the art doll makers webring... I like webrings, they introduce us to art that we would never see, otherwise.

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