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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I Seem To Be...

repeating myself, endlessly and boringly...I'm sorry. It is hot, I do have to fix a painting, both are true, neither bears repeating... and oh, damn, I just did it again...

Today, I'm going to make another mobile. The one I made in the workshop a couple of weekends ago is now reassembled, slightly edited, and looking good in a corner of my dining room. This was not where I intended to hang it, but it was most convenient for making it up (there was a chair and table directly underneath), and, once I'd finished, it looked good there. So there, it will stay (photo to follow when I've taken one...).

The new mobile will be for elementals, and based on the bits of dried seaweed, shells, strips of sheer silk and other excitements, suspended from a ring covered in netting... or that's the image in my head. We'll see. Nothing ever succeeds as planned. I thought that one with crystals wrapped in wire, combined with silk strips, might also be interesting. And I'd like to make one big enough to stand in/under, with a companion wall piece to look at, perhaps inspired by a piece of music... I've had that idea in my head for many years, ever since attending a music workshop and hearing a particular piece of (newly composed) modern music. There's a piece of modern lute music, made by my friend and erstwhile lute teacher Rob Mackillop, that I'd love to work with...must ask him for permission. Haven't spoken to him in a while...wonder if he even remembers me...oh well, a girl can ask! The piece is called The Healing, and I find it haunting... it would be interesting to work with it in visual terms.

Meanwhile, back to today, and the need to audition fabrics for the 'Doing Small Things' challenge/exhibition. Perhaps the piece at the top of the blog, one of the dye paintings from last week...right colours, certainly, but possibly not quite the right cloth... I'm fascinated by the appearance of an eye in there, where eye was not intended. Eyes seem to be appearing with interesting regularity in my work, one way or another, must refer back to the dictionary of symbols... For myself, I think it's to do with the need to be seen clearly, and to see clearly. Back to meaning, as always.

And did I mention I have a painting to mend...only kidding!!!!!

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