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Monday, July 17, 2006

Day Off

Actually, I suppose I should call it a long weekend...I haven't done much since the meeting on Friday. Today, though, I started to rebuild the mobile I made the weekend before, and it's looking promising. And studied the painted sticks that will become dolls, soon. Then, someone came to deliver my sixty (count 'em!) paintbrushes, ordered from ebay. I use house painting brushes, mostly for painting with dye, though occasionally for working with oil paint. At less than 30p a brush, it works out well...what did we do before we had ebay?

Tomorrow, though, I want to do some serious work, so may have to get up with Robin at 7am rather than doze on. The temperature is set to rise even higher than it was today, and it was frankly warm enough...low eighties, I think. By Thursday, the London area is supposedly set for temperatures around 100 degF, and not much less up here. That's hotter than I care to think about. You can dress for cold...but undressing only works so well...and scares the horses, into the bargain! Not to mention scaring other humans... So the early start would let me do some discharge dyeing out in the garden before it gets too hot, and put the fans on in the studios, because I have some painting to do, also. Robin has framed one of my earlier paintings, but before it gets framed, I have to mend the slight scratches it has acquired during the moves. Still, hot or not, it isn't a bad way to spend a day.

So now, I'm off to finish the mobile, and redo the photos...I took some this morning, but they don't seem to be on the disc I'm using, so I'll need to reburn.

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