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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rain Stopped Play.

It's an English tradition. It rains for Wimbledon. It rains, too, for cricket matches. But I didn't think that something as simple as setting up my dye painting studio outside would bring on the rains...but that's exactly what it seems to have done. After days of heat and sun, we've now got rain...and heat...and incredible thunderstorms. Good for the garden, and the pond...not so good for wee dye paint tables are inside and folded up, now.

Still, there are half a dozen bundles curing in the conservatory as we speak. One of them seems to refer in some way to Nefertiti, others are just abstract patterns and colours. And since it seems that the rain is set for the rest of the week, I guess it's time to cut up some of the cloth, and make small pieces on the kitchen worktop. It's not ideal, but it will keep me out of mischief!
Mind you, there's the Print Gocco, all ready to use...and the stencils cut for screenprinting...and the painting studio...and the sewing machine... spoiled by choice, I am...but what a way to go!


ginger said...

well I think that depending on how hard it is raining...I think it would be interesting to see what the rain could add to your dyeing.....I'd love to see the results!!!Ginger

Carol said...


This looks like a wonderful place to be creative. I love it.