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Friday, July 28, 2006

Killing Time

This is not something I have a lot of experience in...there's usually always something to do. But it was hot in Norwich today, and I had several hours to kill, as my car was being serviced and wouldn't be ready til mid afternoon. So I spent a bit of time in the Norwich Library, and borrowed a couple of fascinating books on Outsider Art. Doubtless, I'll be in a position to tell you more when I've read them...but just looking at the illustrations is inspiring enough. Outsider Art always makes me ask myself the question, what if you just made art, without trying to hide anything, or obscure anything, just turned up and worked with the paint...what could happen if you forget all the rules that other people made, or that you made, or whatever...and just paint.
Then, everything and anything becomes possible.

Blogger ate my post yesterday, I waxed lyrical about finding that I'm an INFJ, rather than the INFP I'd always thought myself to be... but when it comes down to it, no matter what test I do, Myers Briggs or otherwise, I remain myself. Just as well really.


Alan R. Kelchner said...

Not to worry - I don't remember the exact letter sequence the first time I took it (2% of the population), but it's now it's ENFP. I guess it changed after I got so sick.

arashi said...

I am INSJ if I recall coltrrectly. I think Arft Bruyt apeals so strongly beccause of its unabashed directness, something whidch is not tgypiccl of the I socially, but the art provides the way to truth

Helen Suzanne said...

are there rules to art?? if there are I don't want to know them ;)

stay light and all you :)