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Monday, August 27, 2018

If The Answer Is Fifteen Minutes...

...what was the question?  Well, quite simply, that's the amount of time I can work before I'm too tired to continue.  Given that this is the first day I've felt like doing anything other than something very basic, like folding the book from yesterday, that's reasonable...after all, I've only been out of bed for a few days.  The real question, of course, is how long I'm going to be stuck at that...and the simple answer is, I have no idea.  Anyway...

I wanted to get on with the book I showed you yesterday, and decided to stick with pastels, and use the same basic colours in each section of the book, but in reverse order, so, green in one section at one side, means green on the same section but at the other end of the book on the other side.  Sorry, no photo to prove that lol.  This is as far as I have got so far.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy working with pastels.  It's a very direct way of applying colour, no intervening brush, no water, unless you want to use it. Just me, my fingers, the paper and the pigment.  The colour here is built up using roughly five or six different shades of the same colour, with a little bit of white here and there.  That's fun to do.  Here is a couple of the pages in close up, so you can see what I mean.

I've run out of steam, now, so it'll have to wait.  Fortunately I can leave the work set up in the studio without inconveniencing anyone, so it can wait as long as it has to.  I can't do this work on the sofa; too much dust, that would be impossible to remove from either upholstery or carpet (yes, that is the voice of experience).  I'm working onto a sheet of clear plastic, so that if there is too much dust to pick up, I can simply fold up the plastic and bin it.  I also have a hand held vacuum cleaner, and the floor in there is tile-effect vinyl, so easy to clean up.  In Norfolk, this kind of work would have been done in the shed, but I don't have that luxury any more. 

More when I'm able to do it.

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