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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stop Me...

...if I've said this before...I don't think I have, but hey, my memory is not what it was.  I taught a workshop at FOQ  last year, entitled Two Shapes And A Line, intended to help people to loosen up when it came to Applique design (I'm sure I've mentioned it before).  This piece is ongoing, and is a direct result of some of the thinking behind that workshop, but taken down to using a single shape.  Here it is, at the beginning, two layers of evolon, the first layered with transfer paint and fabric paint, the second acid dyed.  I combined them as an experiment... even I haven't layered lilac over yellow/red/orange before. was to hand and I wanted a strong contrast...I think you could safely say that I got that, if nothing else.

Hand stitch seemed the only way to go.  First, I tried hand stitching round the shapes, in a metallic purple.  Yuk.  That has now been taken out.  So, I decided that I would mark make, and selected a burgundy hand dyed perle thread with the odd bit of purple in it, to try to begin to pull the two areas together, focusing on the pinkish areas.

That helped, but it wasn't enough.  So, more perle, this time in indigo, but with hints of green and turquoise in the mix (though it reads predominately as indigo).

I just finished the hand stitch.

It was tempting to cover the whole piece with stitch, but I wanted to suggest some space and movement.  I see the piece as an abstract fish, complete with dorsal fin.  Robin isn't so convinced, though he seems to quite like it; he sees it as a carved egg.  I don't think it matters how you interpret it...but I do think it needs a little more work.  As the lilac top layer is fused down, I really don't want to try to hand stitch it... so I'm contemplating working with paint, crayons or pencils to add some visual interest.  I think perhaps stippling with some burgundy paint might add some visual interest and texture to the lilac sections.

There are, in truth, lots of options.  I could machine stitch the purple, though I really don't feel that would be appropriate.   I did contemplate beading, but that would be as problematic as hand stitching, and I'm not keen on glue for beads though I know it would work.  Perhaps some painted bondaweb might be a good idea...either on the lilac, or across the whole piece... hmm...  Or some lutradur 30.  I don't know why I think adding green would be a good idea, I'm pretty sure it isn't, really, but in the interests of experimentation, I might give it a go...I'm off to think.  One thing I am sure of, though, is that despite cursing myself for the original colour combination, it has proved to be an interesting exercise, and worth the time I've spent on it.  The temptation was to throw it away or cut it up... but I'm glad I've persevered.


Julie said...

I'm glad you didn't throw it away, Marion. I think the colour combinations are working well and the lilac shapes give the effect of floating over the stitching. Maybe some shading would complete it? I think you might get away with green if you are careful about which green(s) you use. It's certainly worth continuing.

Grace said...

I think the lilac needs toning down a little (perhaps painted Bondaweb over some ares) and I like the idea of Burgundy but not green. Burgundy would echo the colours dappling the corners of the material. Grace

Bossymamma said...

It's really interesting to see how this piece progressed. Like Grace, I think the lilac is too dominant, although, if you had stopped stitching after the penultimate photograph I think you could have left it as it was. I think green would spoil it.